Horrific Details of the Oct. 7 Assault Emerge Amid War Silence

Simcha Greinman, recounting his experience in collecting victims’ remains after the Oct. 7 Hamas-led assault on Israel, described shocking scenes at a United Nations event. His words painted a gruesome picture of violence inflicted on the victims. Similarly, Shari Mendes, a member of an Israeli military unit, detailed the harrowing conditions of female soldiers’ bodies, pointing to severe injuries in intimate areas, among other mutilations.

Hidden Atrocities Amid a Larger Conflict

The aftermath of the Oct. 7 attack, resulting in over 1,200 deaths and 240 abductions, has revealed accusations of widespread sexual violence perpetrated by terrorists, particularly against women. However, these atrocities have remained largely unacknowledged by human rights organizations, media outlets, and until recently, UN Women, despite their regular advocacy for Palestinian women and girls.

Israelis and Jews worldwide feel abandoned by international social justice entities, including women’s and human rights groups, whose causes they have supported in various global crises.

Amid Outrage, a Call for Recognition and Action

At a U.N. presentation, women’s activists, diplomats, and representatives from approximately 40 countries gathered to address this silence, presenting evidence of widespread sexual violence. Sheryl Sandberg, a former Meta executive and event organizer alongside Israel’s UN ambassador Gilad Erdan, emphasized the urgent need for attention to these heinous acts. They stressed the importance of acknowledging the brutal events that unfolded during the Oct. 7 massacre.

Hamas has denied these allegations, citing violations of Islamic principles, despite evidence suggesting the contrary. Meni Binyamin, head of the International Crime Investigations Unit of the Israeli police, described documenting “violent rape incidents” against women and some men.

The Quest for Accountability and UN’s Response

While the United Nations condemned the attacks by Hamas, there’s criticism for its delayed and seemingly insufficient response regarding the specific sex crimes. The silence has sparked bipartisan concern among members of Congress, highlighting UN Women’s prior focus on humanitarian relief for Palestinian women in Gaza, during the conflict.

Several lawmakers voiced frustration, labeling the lack of response and attention to the sexual violence as a manifestation of bias against Israel. Representative Lois Frankel plans to introduce a resolution condemning sexual violence in war, seeking congressional hearings on the matter.

The Emotional Toll and Urgency for Recognition

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand gave an emotional address at the U.N., speaking about the devastating footage she had witnessed and expressing disbelief at the silence from women’s rights organizations. Sandberg, visibly moved, struggled to articulate the sheer magnitude of the victims’ plight, reflecting the emotional impact of these distressing accounts. The event highlighted the urgency for acknowledgment and action regarding these hidden atrocities amidst the larger Israel-Hamas conflict.

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